For those that have been paying any attention, the NBA playoffs have been nothing short of exciting. From Chris Paul hitting the game winning shot in game 7 against the San Antonio Spurs to Lebron this past Sunday handing the bulls the same card that was dealt to Lebron and his Cavs, just the two days prior. Here are some of the most memorable buzzer beaters from the 2015 playoffs (so far).

Clippers Vs. Spurs, Game 7. Chris Paul hits game winner against Tim Duncan in final seconds.

Wizards Vs. Hawks, Game 3. Paul Pierce banks in game winner.

Bulls Vs. Cavs, Game 3. Derrick Rose banks in game winner, just one day prior to Paul Pierces similar game winning shot.

Cavs Vs. Bulls, Game 4. Lebron rotates out towards the corner baseline, catches and shoots to clinch game 4.

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