Mo Williams???

Since the NBA free agency began a little less than a month ago, some of the leagues biggest names have been involved in some rather "large" contracts. Like LaMarcus Aldridge and the Spurs linking for 4 years, 80 million or Jimmy Butler inking a 5 year, close to 95 million in total. Then you have a guy like Mo Williams, who in his 12th year in the league is re-signing with his ex-team, in Cleveland. His story may not get the same attention as the aforemetnioned players, but his story is one that most can relate to. He's just a guy, wanting to win.  A guy like Williams, has more likely than not, made quite a bit of his money throughout his career and now, it seems as if he's got one thing on his mind, WINNING. As a contributing editor on the The Players Tribune, he shares his story entitled "Full Circle". 

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