As most of you know by now, Doc dropped the so called inspired by Straight Outta Compton album Compton late last week. It's been over fifteen years since his 2001 classic and although this current album may not have that signature west coast sound, we've come to respect and love, it does offer a new, fresh contemporary sound from Dre. We only hope, that he continues to bring more of his sound after this album release. Rolling Stone Magazine gives their take on Dre's latest work.

"Compton contains some of his most ambitious, idea-stuffed production ever, combining the layered bombast and narcotic ooze of his catalog's peaks with a bunch of bold new tricks. On standouts like "Talk About It" and "Genocide," Dre and his co-producers manage insane juggling acts between throbbing funk bass, jazz trumpet, extended high-hat solos, acoustic guitars and irresistibly pounding drums"

Source: Rolling Stone

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