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by Joe Iggy |

The good people over at Pitchfork put together a great piece detailing how N.W.A.came to "embrace their reality" within the media and overall public perception. They were truly pioneers and this article sheds a viable perception looking back. 

They had a lot to talk about. The interview was the group’s first public comment on a letter their label had received a year earlier from Milt Alerich, assistant director of the FBI office of public affairs, in response to the release of their song “Fuck tha Police”. In the letter, Alerich informed the group that “advocating violence and assault is wrong, and we in the law enforcement community take exception to such action.” Though the letter gave a group founded upon controversy a prime opportunity to duke it out with the Feds on firm First Amendment grounds, N.W.A remained silent, only issuing a statement through their publicist that doubled as a PR blurb for their debut album: “Everything N.W.A has to say has been said on Straight Outta Compton, and there is no further comment.”

Eric Harvey, Pitchfork



Read the article in it's entirety here

Illustrations by Meghan Garvey

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