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Adam Bryce Returns With a New Idea

by Maurice Pendarvis |

Way back in the day, there were only a handful of blogs, there were even less than that that talked about streetwear. Adam Bryce was one of the forefathers of the modern Hype Beaster. When the streetwear hype (pun intended) SlamxHype was one of the biggest fashion/streetwear blogs of the time. 

Now, Adam has returned with a New Idea. In a Facebook post this morning, Adam talks about what made him take a pause from the industry and what his new blog is all about.

"In 2003 I started a blog, I wasn't too well at the time and it gave me something to do, and a way to keep busy.. it turned into a full-time job, then a global business and lead to so much more for me. Over that 10 years, I started to loathe blogging, not just the act of doing it (I don't think I personally created any content for at least the last 3 years of (SlamxHype), but the business of it, the effect it had on the media and what it had become.

When I started - there wasn't a thing called "Blogging", by the time I had finished there most certainly was and it was awful!

Lately, however, my way of working and way of living has changed a lot and I have heaps I want to talk about so here we are again, almost 15 years on, I've started a blog today. Off the back of the success I had back then, I've created endless digital strategies, given keynote speeches on blogging and content and more, this has none of that, this is just a little website to have a bit of a rant every now and then."


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