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Celebrate Bruce Lee's 80th Birthday With A Special Edition G-SHOCK



Casio's luxury division, Mr-G, celebrates Bruce Lee's 80th this year with the release of a limited MRG-G2000BL-9A.

Or course the yellow and black color scheme is a nod to the iconic tracksuit Bruce Lee wore in, Game of Death. In addition, yellow and red appear in the emblem of the Jeet Kune Do, the martial arts philosophy, Lee founded.  

The special-edition watch also includes an engraved bezel that reads “Using no way as a way, having no limitation as limitation,” and a dial that’s decorated with Bruce Lee’s signature, using the Chinese character “龍,” or dragon, Lee’s nickname.

Just 300 units of the MRG-G2000BL-9A will be produced and will retail for $4,000. It will be available for purchase in April at select jewelers and the G-SHOCK SoHo store.

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