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Don't try to outrun the Dubai police - they drive Lambos and hoverbikes!

by Maurice Pendarvis |

The police in Dubai don't play when it comes to their department vehicles. Seriously, their fleet of cars sounds like a Hip Hop song. From Lamborghini Aventadors to Audi R8s as normal patrol vehicles to the most recent addition, a hoverbike. Yes, a real-life hoverbike that will roll up on you from above. 

Created by Hoversurf, the hoverbike is a modified Scorpion 3 equipped with four rotors on each side. It also can reach 60 mph with a flight time of 40 minutes. Won't do much in terms of a high-speed chase but the WTF factor should at least stun the perp for a few seconds. 

If you want to ride like the Dubai police, you can purchase a Hoversurf for $150,000 USD right HERE.



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