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Netflix releases "Frye" documentary trailer

by Maurice Pendarvis |

Remember the Frye Festival? That super-hyped, island festival that was supported by models, influencers, rich douchebags, and the like - even Ja Rule was listed as a co-organizer of the event. But things quickly went south as party-goers realized they got bamboozled. How bad was it? Cheese Sandwiches, piles of rain-soaked mattresses, angry guests who got punked out of thousands of dollars. 

Turns out the co-founder, Billy McFarland was as crooked as the Crooked on a bottle of St. Ides. In fact, he's currently serving a six-year prison sentence for fraud relating to the Frye event. 

Check out the trailer below. The full-length documentary drops Jan 18 on Netflix. 

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