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Some crazy ish went down during last night's Republican National Convention, Let's take a look.

by Maurice Pendarvis |

Everybody's talking about Melania Trump pulling a Milli Vanilli move last night. More on that later.

The really crazy shit was said by this man, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) who basically argued that White People invented the world and no other sub-culture ever did shit for Western Civilization.

In his own words:

It didn't stop there. Some people were there to stop Trump and all hell broke loose.

This is one, right here...RIGHT HERE! If you're wondering who Antonio Sabato Jr. is, ask any older woman in your family that used to watch General Hospital back in the day. He was also a Calvin Klien underwear model and a stripper for Chippendales (no slut shaming).  

His crazy was on FIRE last night!

Now for the main attraction! Yes, this really happened. As of this morning, the Trump camp has denied it (even though there's video) and then blamed Hillary. They're probably going to blame Black Lives Matter at some point. 




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