About Us

LA FAMILIA MMXIV is a brand inspired by the rawness and the realness that defines hip-hop culture. Our clothing is designed to be bold and fresh, to reflect the strength and the struggle, the triumph and the turmoil, experienced every day on the streets.

We don’t intend to follow trends—we expect to set them.

LA FAMILIA MMXIV is a lifestyle that celebrates individuality, because what makes you different is also what makes you powerful. Cultivate your own look, express yourself through what you wear, and discover what makes you unique.

We embrace the diversity of our experiences—and build a community around them.

LA FAMILIA MMXIV is a movement that believes individuals can break beyond the boundaries forced upon them by society. We encourage you to use your voice to tell your story and have the confidence to push past your limits.

All of this is possible with the support of La Familia.